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Opulent Education. Is engaged in providing consultancy for foreign education. It has been operating since 2013 and well known as a professional organization in the relevant field.

Services to Help You Be Your Best

opulent Education, we want to make you the best education counselor you can be. That’s why we’ve developed innovative products and services that can help you help our international students achieve their goal of the best-fit college and university in the world

Opulent is one of the best education Consulting agents in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for an educational consultant in Sri lank, you came to the right place. If you are an international student who wants to study at a top college or university in an Overseas country, you may find it helpful to work with a college counselor.
opulent are help you find your best-fit university so that you can submit a successful application and achieve your dreams.


Opulent Education Services - Admission

Admission - If you want to study in the Overseas countries and need help achieving your goal of getting accepted into the school of your choice, contacting counseling service like opulent might be your next step.

You’ve decided you want to study in Overseas countries but you’re not sure where to begin. There are endless things to consider when trying to make this happen like finding a great university, taking the right tests, ensuring your grades and extracurricular activities are up to par, and doing well on the admissions interview, just to name a few. The entire process can be very time consuming and confusing.

opulent works with the students, in programs that fit their needs and budget, to help guide them through the complexities university admissions process to ensure maximum outcomes.

Educational Counseling

Opulent Education Services - Educational Counseling

Counseling - opulent is the best consulter in Overseas education

We help students study in Overseas countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Hungaria, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, other Europe country and Singapore, Malaysia, Australia

All our counseling sessions are free, and our experienced counselors help you with the university and course selection, application procedure, offer letters, visa process, and pre-departure briefings. We connect you with people, services, and employers so you can pursue your journey with clarity and confidence, and have helped more than 1,000 students find the right course. So, if you are a student aiming to study overseas, we can help turn your ambition into action.

Country, University & Course Selection

Opulent Education Services - Country, University & Course Selection

Country, University & Course Selection -Choosing the right country, as well as the right university for studying abroad, can be an overwhelming task. With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide, making the right choice can be difficult. This choice, however, will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and ensuring that you choose wisely. We have coordinators and partners that provide you opportunities for overseas education. Our team of professional counselors helps thousands of aspiring students like you, choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges. We offer you useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help you get admission with ease.

Visa application Counseling & Documentation

Opulent Education Services - Visa application  Counseling & Documentation

Visa application Counseling & Documentation - We are processing your visa applications on behalf of you. If you submit any false or misleading information or false supporting documentation as part of your application, it may result in the refusal of your application without the right of appeal even. It may also result in you being prevented from making further visa applications for a period of time according to the country you are applying for the student visa. So you need our guidance and assistance.

Visa Guidance

Opulent Education Services - Visa Guidance

Visa Guidance - We are able to assist you with visa formalities as we have excellent relations with foreign diplomatic missions. We can assist students for renewals of passports from the Department of Immigration & Emigration. The relationship which we maintain with the Immigration and Emigration Department, we can provide a hassle-free service to our student. Wherever you would like to travel for studies, we can undertake to process of visas for you. We can obtain visa forms through the internet and fill them on behalf of you. We always keep in mind our students are the people who keep us in business and we regard it as a privilege to serve them.

Visa application:

Our experts guide you in obtaining appropriate visa application for your destination. We help in filling the visa application and the necessary photo requirement.

Visa documentation:

Visa documentation includes several necessary documents. We help you in arranging all the documents as per your destination requirement. We also guide students to understand how financial proof should be shown for visa consulate. We will arrange necessary visa letter from the university.

Visa interview:

Some countries require a personal interview with students. In such a case, we prepare the students and conduct a mock-up interview. This will help the students to face the interviewer more confidently

Rejection Appeals

Opulent Education Services - Rejection Appeals

Rejection Appeals - It is significant to submit your case with as much information as possible and attach relevant documentation to prove your case. It is also important to know the immigration law of the particular country. The appeal should highlight all the information that make the decision either arbitrary and biased. When you are making an appeal against rejection, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional. In the event you are certain that the decision of the visa officer is wrong then a well prepared appeal will have an adverse decision can be reversed.

Guidance for job

Opulent Education Services - Rejection Appeals

Guidance for job - Opportunities to work while you are a student at the university or college are plentiful and diverse. In fact, the University or college usually has more job vacancies than applicants. Student Employment is a form of financial aid, with programs to help you find a job that best fits your needs. We can help you through our coordinators to find pastime employment while you are studying

Bank Loans & Travel Arrangements (Value-Added Services)

Opulent Education Services - Rejection Appeals

Bank Loans & Travel Arrangements (Value-Added Services) - Preparing for overseas studies is really an education in itself, taking care of all details with regard to admissions offices, enrollment procedures, immigration, transferring funds, etc. Students just like you also report that the best part of their experience in overseas traveling like enjoying a new environment outside of the academic world. We will check your own school's calendar and advise you according to the country and university or college you are applying. We will arrange bank loans for education in overseas countries on behalf of you.


Opulent Education Services - Accommodation

accommodation - we place thousands of students annually in accommodation and we know where students feel safest and happiest.

Our extensive selection of accommodation partners means we can help you browse for the right choice based on your needs. Every student has different preferences, some choose to stay in groups, others like to be alone. Whatever the request we can make sure you feel safe in knowing the accommodation provider you’ve chosen has a quality track-record.

Students in all country have several different accommodation options available to them.

Arrangement of Travel Health Insurance

Opulent Education Services - Accommodation

Arrangement of Travel Health Insurance - When you are traveling abroad or study, you must make sure you have the right insurance plan in place to cover things like hospitalization, evacuation, trip interruption and much more.